When Syphilis Imitates Cancer

Syphilis Bacterium

Before I even begin this, please stop thinking about syphilis as only a sexually transmitted disease. It’s much, much, much more than that. There are many other ways to contract syphilis, outside of sexual transmission.

One of the most common ways is congenital syphilis, passed on from generation to generation, and there are even cases of transference of syphilis, simply from kissing. So yes, while it can be transferred via sexual intercourse, so can the common cold, influenza, and every other contagious diseases or illnesses.
Some people will be able to live with syphilis their entire lives and not present with a single symptom due to the syphilitic infection staying latent (dormant), while others will have their syphilis reach a tertiary (late or chronic) stage, where it can mimic so many diseases that it is literally shocking, even for me.
There is syphilitic hepatitis, syphilitic renal failure, syphilitic aneurysms, syphilitic dementia, syphilitic meningitis, syphilitic tuberculosis and the list goes on and on and on, but the question is… How many of them are actually being detected since there is no way to truly detect syphilis beyond its primary stage, outside of a DNA test on the actual bacteria itself.
But outside of those diseases and illnesses, syphilis also mimics cancer in every form. From brain cancer, to liver cancer, to rectal cancer, testicular cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and the list goes on and on.
Syphilitic infections produce a substance that is called Gumma, which is granuloma a.k.a. inflammation, where white blood cells bind together, and create masses. And, as you will see below, will falsely test as a malignant tumor, even though they are nothing more than syphilitic gumma.
I understand that many people think I’m crazy when I talk about possibility of cancer being bacterial infections, but please have a look at this evidence, which is very brief. You can google the word combination of “Gumma Malignant” and you will see just how prevalent this issue is.
While this evidence depicts cases of syphilis being medically confirmed as malignant cancer tumors as well is blood-borne cancers, there is also evidence that might make you further wonder whether this imitation of cancer, can eventually lead to it.
Before you write me off as cray, have a look at these clinical reports and studies that are published in peer reviewed medical journals:
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