Our Server Attacked by US Government???

Last evening, at about 7 PM my time, my phone started going off, warning me of a brute force attack on this server.  I quickly logged in to the server and blocked the Internet IP range of whoever was lodging the brute force attack on my private shopping area that is only for patients.
As soon as I blocked the attack at my server, giving them access to know files, I traced the IP address, and was a little shocked to see who owned it.
The IP address ( is owned by the US Department of Defense, Network Information Centre at Fort Story, Virginia.

This came as a bit of a shock to me because I really don’t have much to hide, and can’t imagine why the United States Department of National Defense would be trying to force my servers off-line, or hack into my private shopping area.

Wanting to know if they actually got through before I block them out, I downloaded my server access logs for the last week, and searched the IP range, to find out that they were seemingly quite interested in my new Experimental Lyme Disease Protocol that I posted about the other day.  As that is the only page that they had visited this week, and they appear to have visited that page multiple times, over the past couple of days.
Then they somehow went directly from there to a private shopping cart only for my direct patients who do not live local to be, for which I was just requested, by Health Canada Compliance to install a password protection on just a few short weeks ago to be in compliance with Canadian Law, as it pertains to private, unregistered, natural medicine formulations.
That is a private and password-protected page, on a private sub domain, that is not indexed by any search engine, so how they would have found it in the first place, is beyond me.
But then I began looking a little further into Fort Story, and what they actually do at that Base, that’s when things get even weirder.

On the information about the base itself, they identify that it houses CYBERFOR, which is a joint Force “command for cryptography, signals intelligence, electronic warfare, information operations, intelligence, networks and space.

I’m really not sure what the hell they would want with me or my server.  And I’m going to assume that this may be some sort of coincidence and perhaps it’s just a rogue employee, because I’m sure that they don’t have open, anonymous routing servers at such a location.

The reason why I believe this, is because my entire Experimental Lyme Disease Protocol, which they seem to have so much interest in, was made completely public, from start to finish, with all variables included, in the post that I made just a few days ago.

I really have no idea why this occurred, or what they were hoping to find.  But I have beefed up server security and will be even more ready for them, should there be a next time 🙂

Finally, here is a direct message to the US Government:

If somebody spoofed your IP, which I am not sure how that would be possible or just a rogue employee being a dick, then please accept my apologies, but if that is not what happened, you guys really suck at hacking, and if there’s anything that you want to know about my new Lyme Disease Treatment Protocol or want access to it for testing, just ask!

No, I’m not an American citizen so I don’t have to comply with you, but I also have, less than nothing to hide, so I would have no problem fulfilling your request, but only if you ask nicely! 😛 What you did was completely unnecessary and not going to garner you any more information than I have already provided to the public.

Tim is a Homeopath, clinical kinesiologist, master herbalist and holistic nutritionist with over 20 years experience.Specializing in cellular nutrition and biochemics to provoke the body to heal itself. Most known for facial analysis and the ability to determine mineral deficiencies and health issues according to signs in the human face.