Hermesis Based Weight Loss Experiments

I have begun experimenting with hermesis (explained below), through an individualized and custom weight loss herbal weight loss experiment.  And while the experiments are very new, the initial results, in a very low sample group are cautiously promising.

Hermesis is a fairly new term that is being thrown around medical circles and is actually homeopathy or the proving of dose-response.  Proving that the same physiological responses can occur in minute or trace amounts of many substances.  It’s really the proving of homeopathy, but because the international study of hermesis is headquartered out of University of Massachusetts Amherst, they will never call it homeopathy, even though that is exactly what it is.

I will be fair, and state that while many of the provings actually prove homeopathy, some of provings in hermesis also prove high dose as well as near homeopathic potencies.  But yes, many of their provings are with doses that are well into homeopathic potencies.  But before the sceptics start running their mouths, they really need to check the Journal Dose-Response, which is the Journal of the International Dose-Response Society.

Because they do not call it homeopathy, and instead refer to it “hermesis” or “dose-response”, they have, all of a sudden, found a mathematical explanation of why low-dose and ultra low dose work.

Moving on to my experiments.  To date, the first 3 people to undergo these experiments have recently reported back, and every one of them has lost weight.  Some more than others, but every one of them has lost weight, without any other intervention, changes in lifestyle, changes in diet…  Etc.

For this experiment, I tested each of the individuals for non-nutritional substances with a proven clinical history of stimulating or benefiting weight loss by way of kinesiology, and once I identified what each of the individuals tested positive for, I went to my lab and created a hermesis based, ultra low dose formula.  Gave it to them, and had each one of them take only 5 drops of their formulas, with each meal.

The results are as follows:

Test subject #1 (mid 20s male with 10 – 15lbs weight to lose)
Lost 6 pounds in 10 days

Test subject #2 (early 20s female without no weight to lose in my opinion)
Lost 3 pounds in 8 days

Test subject #3  (mid 40s female, with about 20 – 25 pounds to lose)
Lost 3 Pounds in 21 Days

All of these were fairly healthy people with the exception of subject #3 who has medically confirmed, chronic Lyme disease and other health issues.

All 3 of the test subjects reported no increase of physical activity or changes in diet.  In fact, one on reported a worsening of their diet during the experiment.

Some of the herbal substances used, included, Damiana, Ma Haung, Orange Blossom shoots, Kola nut, Guarana Seed, Capsicum and several more.  All of them at ultra low doses of 1/100th to 1/10000th of absolute extracts.

While it is encouraging that all 3 of these people have lost weight, it’s going to be very interesting to continue this experiment and expanded into people with morbid obesity as well.

The experimentation will continue, and I will update further, when I have more to report.







Tim is a Homeopath, clinical kinesiologist, master herbalist and holistic nutritionist with over 20 years experience.Specializing in cellular nutrition and biochemics to provoke the body to heal itself. Most known for facial analysis and the ability to determine mineral deficiencies and health issues according to signs in the human face.