Opinion: Mild Alkalosis to treat Difficult Bacteria?

Some food for thought regarding bacterial infections, including Lyme disease as well as biofilms and mycoplasma.

All bacteria require an aerobic (oxygen depleted) and acidic environment to thrive, survive and grow.

Because of this, I have to admit, that there are times that I often wonder, if inducing very brief periods of mild alkalosis (Elevated pH – body fluids that are over alkaline), might not weaken their status in the human body and in itself, provoke the death of the bacteria, biofilms and mycoplasma.

While I understand that alkalosis is not ideal either, I am speaking of very brief, 1 or 2 day (closely monitored) stints with slightly elevated pH levels of the body fluids and plasma (a.k.a. alkalosis) at the same time as treatment.

I know there are some practitioners and doctors out there who will state that that an elevated pH status is not an ideal situation, but either is having Lyme disease, tertiary syphilis, biofilms, mycoplasma and much more.

I am offering the thought of possibility that the short term, negative effects, of mild alkalosis should provoke no risk to life and minimal side effects, while offering a possible, greater opportunity, of complete eradication for bacterial infections that are considered difficult or impossible to completely erradicate.

Think about it, but this is NOT something that anyone should try at home, without professional oversight.

Tim is a Homeopath, clinical kinesiologist, master herbalist and holistic nutritionist with over 20 years experience.Specializing in cellular nutrition and biochemics to provoke the body to heal itself. Most known for facial analysis and the ability to determine mineral deficiencies and health issues according to signs in the human face.