Lyme Disease – Huge Strides

I will be the first person to tell each and every one of you, that I am absolutely not a “Lyme Literate” Practitioner.  And I hate the term “Lyme literate” itself.  Because the only thing it seems to be associated with are bloggers who have never even so much as tried to help a person, or doctors who have never even alleviated a single symptom.  That’s a label or term that you will never hear me place upon myself.
But what I can tell you, is that I have been conducting some experimental treatments for Lyme disease, in some pretty severe cases, and we are seeing progression in all cases that I am aware of.  There is only one person who I am not receiving updates on.

I can tell you of the young individual, who spent their days in bed, who is now outdoors, and eating at the table with their family.

I can tell you about a man in his mid-50s, who came to me in June, struggling greatly to walk with a cane, who is now not only without a cane, his brain fog is by his own admission 80% alleviated, and he feels now as though he could go back to work.

I can tell you the story of a late 40s woman who could only get out of bed long enough to make her way to her couch, and recently stopped by to pick up some refills after driving here herself, and I watched her run up my driveway.  No longer does she spend her days in bed, she spends that out working in her yard.

There are about 3 or 4 more people who are undergoing the experimental treatment, and all of them are progressing to my knowledge, some of them dramatically, some of the moderately but all of them are progressing.

Along with this, the experimental method of testing using kinesiology, now has medical provings in 8 out of 9 cases where they were unaware that they had Lyme disease, and then, after being tested, using kinesiology, had medical labs completed, and 8 out of 9 of them confirmed it. The 9th was tested for Bartonella only.
While we are making huge strides, I’m not going to be happy until its full eradication.  And while you’ll notice that I haven’t talked about what those experimental treatments are specifically, please don’t let that confuse you.  When I have a set protocol, I will make that protocol public for everyone, and every practitioner who wants to use its.

I am not one of those people, who will develop something and then make you have to buy it from me.  I am here to help people, and recognize that your health is of much greater value than any monetary amount could ever offer!

I think it’s reasonable for you all to expect that within the next 30 to 45 days, that I will be publishing an effective protocol to the public.
Stay tuned!

Tim is a Homeopath, clinical kinesiologist, master herbalist and holistic nutritionist with over 20 years experience.Specializing in cellular nutrition and biochemics to provoke the body to heal itself. Most known for facial analysis and the ability to determine mineral deficiencies and health issues according to signs in the human face.