LEAD: Flint, Michigan vs Himalayan Salt

I’m sorry folks, but this is getting scary in what people are doing with Himalayan salt at it’s time for it to stop. It’s pure insanity to be crushing toxic salts and having your children inhale them.

I swore to myself, after initially exposing this, that I would never get into this again because there’s too many people out there who are far too committed to how pretty there salt lamps are, and the fact that half of the so called Internet health guru gods are selling this poison. But it just keeps going on and on and on, and I couldn’t stay silent anymore.

In Flint Michigan, it was identified that the politicians hid the facts from the public about just how toxic the drinking water was with regards to lead contamination. In fact, it was so toxic that it caused international outrage.

How toxic was it? Well, the safe limit of lead for drinking water is .01 ppm and in Flint, Michigan, the drinking water contained 13 ppm. Holy crap! Right?

Let’s compare this to Himalayan Crystal salt, which people are starting to crush and put it inhalers to give to their children, or take them to salt rooms a.k.a. salt caves with a pulverized assault and turn it into a fine mist in the air for you to inhale.

When water is ingested, your body has a natural filtration process where it detoxifies most heavy metals that you ingest, and much of science considers that 85% of heavy metals will be removed through the natural detoxification processes, assuming they have normally functioning kidneys. This is a considering factor when governments set the guidelines for safe drinking water.

So, if we consider the generalized and assumed amount of lead that would reach the bloodstream in children from Flint Michigan, which is almost unbelievable, at 1.95 ppm. Wow! No wonder the world was outraged.

But wait! Now lets consider that when you inhale a salt, nearly 100% of the amount inhaled will reach your bloodstream because it becomes trapped in the mucous membranes of the lungs, then is picked up by the red blood cells and transported throughout your body, bypassing the natural detoxification processes.

Well, the world was outraged at 1.95 ppm of real exposure to children in Flint, Michigan (And should be) but when you give your child a daily inhaler of Himalayan Crystal salt, you are exposing them to 5.1 ppm of Lead. 2 1/2 times more than the children in Flint, Michigan were exposed to that caused international outrage.

I know that when I talk about this, it offends a lot of folks because we have bloggers out there telling people to put Himalayan Crystal salt in their orange juice and it’s going to cure their adrenal fatigue, or crush it and put it in a salt inhaler, then give it to your child, and it’s going to cure their asthma. This is craziness absolute craziness! And if any of you even tried to tell me that it actually helped your child when you crushed this salt and they inhaled it, my only response is going to be “placebo effect”.

Himalayan Crystal salt contains 600% more aluminum than is safer drinking water, 15,000% more mercury than is safer drinking water and 51,000% more lead than is safer drinking water, just to name a few of the toxic substances.

For those of you who are going to try to dispute this, and there always are, don’t even bother because there’s no possible way. These numbers come right from the manufacturers themselves and if anybody wants to challenge me, you can pick an independent laboratory in the United States and an independent laboratory in Canada, and I will put my money where my mouth is. I will pay for a full and complete spectral analysis of Himalayan Crystal salt or your salt lamps, and you guys can even pick the brand. I’ll pay for it as long as the lab will truly identified the real parts per million or parts per billion that are present.

Even though this has already been done, when I posted this on my old Facebook fan page, and people went crazy, a doctor, a naturopath and a supposed scientist all stated they would have a spectral analysis done of salt lamps and 2 out of 3 of them reported back that it was correct and that the salt lamps were highly toxic. While the scientist, no matter how much I tried to call him out afterwards, would not report back his results and I suspect that this was because he was so cocky and arrogant about disputing the information provided by the manufacturers themselves, that he would not publicly admit his results.

Well, let’s close this gap and this argument once and for all, so that we can start protecting the children who are being exposed to these highly toxic heavy metals, and 29 other toxic elements that are in Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Again, and I am not just talking!!! You guys can collectively pick the labs and the products, and I will pay for. That is not a joke, I am not just talking. I will actually pay for it and we can settle this debate once and for all.

Tim is a Homeopath, clinical kinesiologist, master herbalist and holistic nutritionist with over 20 years experience.Specializing in cellular nutrition and biochemics to provoke the body to heal itself. Most known for facial analysis and the ability to determine mineral deficiencies and health issues according to signs in the human face.